Painting in Studio

How it Works


We charge a studio fee in addition to the price of the piece of pottery that you choose to paint. The studio fees cover table time (for approximately 2 hours), all materials/tools needed to paint, instruction if necessary, and final glazing and firing. 

Studio fees: $9 per adult painter; $7 per child painter (12 & under)

Pottery pieces range from $6 to $200

How to get your finished piece:

Once your piece of pottery is painted into a unique masterpiece, it will be glazed and fired in house. This process takes about 7 days, after which you can pick up your finished piece(s) at the studio. It helps if you bring in your yellow sales receipt, but we do keep copies.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for purchase and for any dollar amount. At this time they cannot be purchased online, but we are willing to mail them to you! Call us at 303-423-9864 and we can help you with your gift certificate purchase.

Items available to help "complete" your items