Paint at Home

Into the Fire offers paint-to-go kits that you can order in the studio or online.

With paint-to-go kits you pick your pieces of bisque and paint colors to paint in the comfort of your own home.

Each paint-to-go kit has enough painting supplies for 4 people and includes:

  • a set of 10 brushes

  • 4 palette boards

  • 2 cups for water to clean your brushes while you paint.

  • 6-2 oz bottles of paint in a predetermined palette scheme,

  • 1 writer bottle in black and 1 writer bottle in white.

  • 4 sponges to dust off your piece before you paint.

$20 per kit for 4 people for 48 hours plus the price of the piece.

Kits can be adjusted for more or less people. Please call for details.

How ordering online works:

  1. Browse our selection bisque from our Online Catalog.

  2. Pick out the piece, or pieces, you would like to paint, along with a paint palette of colors (see below for choices of palettes).

  3. Fill out and submit an Order Form .

  4. We will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order, discuss details and payment, and set up a time for you to pick up your kit.

  5. Pick up your kit at your appointed time from the studio, take it home and have fun painting your own unique piece of pottery! (FYI - there are 15 min loading parking spaces available right in front of the studio).

  6. Once your pieces are finished, return them to the studio, along with the kit supplies, within 48 hours from the day you picked up your kit. You may want to call ahead just to make sure the studio will be open when you want to drop off your items.

  7. Your pieces will then be glazed and fired and ready to come back to you in about 1 week.

  8. Pick up your fired pieces at the studio and enjoy them for years to come!

Pre-Selected Paint Palettes



A deep, stunning color palette as if on a nature walk:

082 Bright Wine

313 Dark Ginger

332 Bright Olive

182 Bright Kiwi

2323 Jumpin' Juniper

103 Dark Heather



A tranquil combination color palette like a serene pond:

222 Bright Blush

033 Dark Butternut

272 Bright Kelp

151 Light Blue Spruce

102 Bright Heather

201 Light Gray



A warm, inviting color palette, like gazing into a campfire.

083 Dark Wine

062 Bright Salsa

031 Light Butternut

333 Dark Olive

123 Dark Nautical

202 Bright Gray



A color palette that's grounding and calm like our planet.

232 Bright Briarwood

312 Bright Ginger

510 Earthen Moss

182 Bright Kiwi

133 Dark Tidepool

213 Dark Taupe



A palette of primary colors imitating the joy of a rainbow:

074 Really Red

504 Neon Orange

012 Bright Straw

LR Lime Ricky

BB BeBoppin Blue

PL Purple-licious



A soft palette of colors similar to a refreshing Spring breeze:

081 Light Wine

041 Light Papaya

011 Light Straw

171 Light Kelp

141 Light Aqua

261 Light Wintergreen

Predetermined palettes are made for your convenience. If you would like to make your own custom palette of colors, please call the studio or make a note on the order form. We want you to create a piece that is unique to you and will make sure you have all the supplies in order to do so!