About us

We are Maria and Carlo Rotola and are so pleased to now be the new owners of Into the Fire!

We both grew up in Arvada and continue to live, and raise our family, here. We love this city and have watched as Olde Town went from a quiet row of antique shops, a couple restaurant and bars, Scoops ice cream shop, a bank and a church to a bustling little down town! It makes our hearts happy to see such a positive transition to this part of Arvada!

We are so grateful and blessed to now be a part of this little community in such a large way! Being able to be the new owners of Into the Fire is a great honor. We have taken our own kids here to paint for the past 13 years and have personally experienced the sense of family and camaraderie that Kathy established. We hope to continue to build those relationships as we take on Into the Fire and we hope you continue to patron our little pottery painting place!